WEHEARTOURCUSTOMERS is a project that attempts to make visible the invisible circulation of printed materials in everyday life. For example, my local dry cleaners uses coat hangers wrapped in paper with the message “we [heart symbol] our customers » printed on the side. One day the printing on the hanger-wrap caught the light just so, and it occurred to me that this was a screen-print. I wondered, who printed this screen print? Were they so very different from me? And I became interested in making something that would operate in conversation with other artists using their labor to elevate a mundane object into a fine art space. Artists like Anders Bergstrom, Yoonmi Nam, and Robert Gober.

To that end, I began to reverse engineer how to make coat-hangers and the printed wrapping. I built a jig to make the hangers, and then screen-printed the message on sekishu paper in a variable edition of forty. And I have since worked with Charity Thackson, a ceramic artist, to produce a hook of slipcast porcelain with a metallic glaze. For me this work points to the way humor can be instrumentalized to point toward larger questions, like the valuation of labor in our culture and the nature of what a fine art print can be.